Reducing Vulnerabilities with Advanced ATM Lock Security

With A-Series and A-Series with Display locks protecting ATMs around the world, Sargent and Greenleaf takes threats seriously.

Recent attack trends–including jackpotting and advanced side channel attacks–show increasingly sophisticated exploitation of electronic ATM locks. As technology continues to improve and accelerate, ATM security must evolve to meet emerging vulnerabilities.

S&G's electronic lock design includes modular construction and flexible features to deliver unmatched security with the speed and convenience of an electronic locking solution. Our locks not only withstand the latest high-tech assaults, but also fit into modern business workflows.



Read the abstract from S&G's latest ATM vulnerability testing. 

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Protecting ATM Locks from Side-Channel Attacks


Learn about S&G's response to malware and jackpotting trends. 

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How to Extend Vault Security to Hood Access Control


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