As Sargent and Greenleaf is moving towards a new chapter in our innovation history, we will need to create similar supporting processes.  In line with this objective, we have decided that only one digital platform, quick start guide will be included with each lock. This will be the basic operating instruction needed to use any of the digital platform products. The extended operating instructions and the feature specific operating instructions will be available on-line at the S&G website.  For example the ASWD, detailed operating instructions are at this location:

This has two advantages for our customers. The first advantage is that because the website is under the control of S&G, we can update and keep the instructions updated easily and it will reduce the confusion between revisions that are in the field and our website.  The second advantage is that it is a much easier format to search and move quickly to the detailed information that is needed.

Along with this change, we are also releasing all new instructions written with more clarity and consistency across the digital platform products.

The installation instructions will remain unchanged and will continue to be a hard copy included with each lock kit.

Thank you and looking forward to a more innovative future.


DP operating instruction change VER3_final


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