Best of 2018: AxisBlu Safe Lock

Called AxisBlu, Sargent and Greenleaf’s newest locking solution provides safe security with access gained through a mobile app, eliminating the need for a keypad.

AxisBlu uses an easy-to-install, unobtrusive medallion that connects via Bluetooth to an app on the user’s mobile device to remotely gain access to the designated safe anywhere within a 30-foot radius.  With multiple layers of authentication, and the ability to pair up to five mobile devices, AxisBlu provides a convenient and secure solution for safe operation.  Also, AxisBlu is available with the time-tested keypad, allowing for access manually or via the app.

AxisBlu Kits are available in three complete packages.  Options include a Medallion Kit and two Keypad Kits.  With the Medallion Kit, the sleek modern design positions the lock keypad on the user’s mobile device instead of the safe front, providing immediate access.  The Bluetooth module has been engineered to provide access through the safe door by using the existing spindle hole for wide-range antenna placement and operates at a range of up to 30 feet.  Firmware enhancements allow S&G’s Titan Lock to function securely with a mobile device using Bluetooth technology.

A future Locksmith Ledger article will provide in-depth information on installation and security features.  For more information, visit 

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