To visually verify if a wheel is unlocked or locked without taking the wheel pack apart, you may require a camera phone to take tight close-ups of the change key cam on each wheel, or use a magnifying glass. Only a certified technician should ever take a wheel pack apart. The first wheel contains the first number of the combination, etc. The correct order of reference for the wheels is:

Each Wheel case has a change key cam that needs to be set in the correct direction. Visually inspect each change key cam carefully to make certain the line marks on the gold change key cam are in line with the single mark on the wheel case.

The change key cam on the third wheel is the easiest to inspect as it is the top wheel after the drive cam. First diagram is incorrect, the second is apparently incorrect and the key could not go through all three wheels if one of the wheel change cams is turned in this direction. The third diagram is correct.

Below is a picture of the third wheel case with the change key cam aligned in the wrong direction. You can see the horizontal marks on the gold change key cam and the silver wheel case circled, below:

This is a picture of the change key cam in the correct, unlocked position:

To reach the second wheel you will need to rotate the third wheel (top wheel) so the gate allows you to see the second wheel cam. Picture below is of a misaligned second wheel cam.

To reach the cam on the first wheel you will do the same thing moving the third and second gate to expose the bottom wheel cam. Picture below is of a misaligned first wheel cam.

Now you can return to your directions for setting the combination.