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How to Choose a Secure, Affordable Networked Safe Lock

Sourcing a safe lock solution for multiple locations presents unique challenges. While value is always a factor, organizations of all sizes are impacted by secure connectivity and the cost of ongoing maintenance. 

What is a networked safe lock?

A networked safe lock solution gives you more control over locks in multiple locations, including centralized, remote access. With remote access safe locks, you can streamline management and operation from one central location, including the ability to remotely:

Monitor live lock status

Manage user codes

Program lock settings

Enable/disable locks


Establish different levels of access

Create available access windows

Receive exception reporting

Perform audits


To choose the right access solution for multiple safes, start by defining your needs. 

Lay Groundwork

  • How many safes and locations do you need to secure?

  • Do you plan to scale up to more locations over time?

  • Do you need remote access and management, or prefer to handle access control at each lock?

  • Do you need a centralized locking system, or prefer each lock to stand alone?

  • How many people will access each safe? Do those users require different levels of access, such as owner, admin, or specialized functions?

  • How would you prefer to receive reporting about access issues?


Survey Locations

  • Will you be upgrading existing electronic safe locks, replacing mechanical locks with new electronic units, or adding incremental units for new or expanded locations?

  • Is the area already part of an existing IP network?

  • Is there Wi-Fi? What security protocols are in place for that network?

  • Do you have capacity/capability to perform complex retrofit tasks like drilling and wiring?


Establish Budget Parameters

  • Does the scale of your network support adding a separate hub component to network the locks?

  • How much maintenance budget can you build in to support the system?

  • Is extensive installation/retrofit possible within the budget?

  • Will the solutions you consider come with any offset costs? For example, reduced downtime, reduced risk, or longer product life may serve to balance the cost of the initial investment.