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Digital Hood Defense™

Secure ATMs against malware and jackpotting with Digital Hood Defense. This digital innovation layers security for the entire unit by adding additional protection to the hood without compromising convenience for operators. With Digital Hood Control, users conveniently access both the hood and vault through the same keypad. Digital Hood Defense enhances ATM security, management, and oversight while making the unit impervious to hood tampering.

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Digital Platform


Sargent and Greenleaf's digital platform is transforming locks and, more importantly, the way you integrate them into business.

S&G's Digital Platform provides a smarter, faster and more secure way to respond to safe security needs by leveraging a well-established technology: the USB 2.0 connector.

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Setting the Standard for High Security

For over 160 years, S&G has been providing locking solutions that protect the assets we value most.




  • Works with digital keypad to protect against malware and jackpotting attacks at the ATM hood.
  • Access both the hood and vault through the same keypad.
  • Allow access to the hood alone, vault alone, or both depending on your vault lock option.

Audit trail

  • Routes through the keypad, so both hood and vault access are tracked.
  • 1,000 date- and time-stamped events.


  • Use with Audit 2.0, Digital Time Lock, or A-Series with Display.
  • When paired with a Static Code lock, you can program from the keypad or using your existing lock software—no keys required.
  • Works directly through existing lock software. 




  • Model 1004 lock body installs in the ATM hood and cable connects to the primary vault lock.
  • Cable allows power in and out, powering the entire locking system.

Spinblocker Lock


Model 1004 Spinblocker lock body

  • Automatically locks to re-secure the safe whenever the container’s boltwork moves to the fully closed position.
  • Lock bolt retraction and extension is controlled by the movement of the safe’s boltwork.
  • Withstands 225 lbs of bolt end pressure for a high level of security in boltwork blocking applications.
Model 3007 Direct Drive


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