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Model 3006/3007/3028/3029

A-Series with Display™
ATM Lock

A-Series with Display improves speed and accuracy with an extra-large, 30-character display featuring icons, images, and text. A built-in USB port allows real-time download of up to 1,000 events from multiple locks, and our optional one-time code app enables faster access without calling dispatch. Globally trusted for security and intuitive use, A-Series with Display is the faster, easier ATM locking solution.  

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A-Series With Display


Sargent and Greenleaf's digital platform is transforming locks and, more importantly, the way you integrate them into business.

S&G's Digital Platform provides a smarter, faster and more secure way to respond to safe security needs by leveraging a well-established technology: the USB 2.0 connector.

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Setting the Standard for High Security

For over 160 years, S&G has been providing locking solutions that protect the assets we value most.




  • A-Seal code generated automatically when lock is closed.
  • Bolt position indicator monitors the  locked or unlocked bolt position.
  • Duress capability via optional duress module.
  • Penalty lockout after five failed attempts.
  • One-time code via phone dispatch or optional mobile app. 

Ease & Support

  • Intuitive 30-character display screen including audio and visual feedback.
  • No vendor meets.
  • Standard S & G Magic Module footprint.
  • Universally handed.
  • 10 minute average installation time.
  • 24/7 technical support.


Three modes of operation:

  • Bank Mode: No key required; up to 30 users; 99 min time delay; Dual and Single control access options.
  • Service Mode: PIN, touch key, and one-time-code  required to open.
  • Bank + Service Mode: Utilize both modes simultaneously.

Audit trail

  • Fast, accurate USB download: 1,000 event, time- and date-stamped audit trail with multiple locks accessed through one device. Email audit trail without additional software.
  • Traditional iButton download: 400 event, time- and date-stamped audit trail with one device per lock.
  • Intuitive, multi-language software with optional custom translator.
  • Simple navigation and user-friendly functionality independent of language or experience.


  • Extra-large 30-character screen with icons, images, and text.
  • Interface includes indicator lights and audio feedback.


  • Two year limited warranty from date of shipment from the manufacturer.
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  • UL Type 1
  • VdS

Model 3006-202

Pivotbolt (Model 3006-202)

  • Automatically re-locks to secure the safe whenever the container’s boltwork moves to the fully closed position.
  • Lock bolt retraction and extension is controlled by the movement of the safe’s boltwork.
  • Withstands 225 lbs. of bolt end pressure for a high level of security in boltwork blocking applications.
  • Stainless steel lock bolt.
Model 3006 PivotBolt

Model 3007-202

Direct Drive (Model 3007-202)

  • Lock bolt retraction and extension is controlled by turning of the keypad ring, offering dependable manual control of the locking bolt.
  • Exclusive no-twist cable design prevents cable damage during opening.
  • Withstands 225 lbs. of bolt end pressure for a high level of security.
Model 3007 Direct Drive

Model 3028-202

Dead Latching (Model 3028-202)

  • Motor-driven.
  • Withstands 225 pounds of bolt-end pressure for high security and durability in boltwork blocking applications.
  • Does not require direct attachment of the lock bolt to the safe’s boltwork.
Model 3028 Dead Latching

Model 3029-202

Model 3029 Push / Pull

Push/Pull (Model 3029-202)

  • Motor-driven.
  • Designed for direct boltwork attachment.
  • Push/pull strength of 2.4 lbs. with maximum load 5.6 lbs.
  • Bolt has drilled and tapped holes.


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Lock Management System (LMS)

An intuitive, multi-lingual interface makes A-Series Lock Management Software (LMS) easy to learn and use. Standard languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, and Chinese, and a custom translator option allows even more flexibility as you expand globally.

Bridge Software
One-time Code (OTC)
Field Service App (FSA)