Model 6140
Model 6140

Electronic Door Lock

The Model 6140 goes beyond traditional locks to bring the benefits of current micro-processing technology to your security application. Designed to provide superior security for single door access, the Model 6140 is a sturdy, surface-mounted door lock that combines the 6120 or 6123 safe locks with a modified version of our U.S. government latching extension. With tremendous flexibility and greater management control, this lock is used in ATM rooms, telephone and computer equipment rooms, day gates for vaults and any controlled area where an auxiliary security door lock is beneficial.

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Setting the Standard for High Security

For over 160 years, S&G has been providing locking solutions that protect the assets we value most.




  • Motor-driven lock design that eliminates threat of vibration and bouncing attacks.
  • Automatically locks whenever it closes.
  • Penalty time feature prevents opening by entering sequential or random codes until a valid code is found.
  • Time delay of up to 99 minutes.


  • Same mounting footprint and strikes as the mechanical S&G Extension 50 automatic door lock.
  • Surface-mounted design allows for easy, more universal installations on both inswing and outswing doors.
  • Three different heavy-duty strikes available for nearly all door and frame applications.


  • Three modes of operation: multi-user, dual control and manager/employee.
  • One million 6-digit PIN codes possible.
  • Field programmable from keypad.
  • One master code, one supervisor code and five user codes.
  • Time delay override code.


  • Able to activate video recording equipment or any relay-activated device whenever the lock is opened from either the inside or the outside.




  • Tested up to 8,000 openings on two 9V alkaline batteries.

Product Options


Two Battery Keypad

Available in the following finishes:
Buffed Brass
Buffed Chrome
Matte Black
24K Gold
14K Gold
Satin Chrome
Black Platinum (bulk only)

Model 6140 Electronic Door Lock Two Battery Keypad


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