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Extension 50

Mechanical Automatic Deadbolt Lock

The S&G Extension 50 is a surface-mounted deadbolt requiring minimum door preparation. As a three-wheel combination lock, it offers 1 million different combinations. It is an ideal security solution for indoor applications, such as ATM rooms, cash handling areas, research laboratories and more.

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Setting the Standard for High Security

For over 160 years, S&G has been providing locking solutions that protect the assets we value most.




  • Inside release knob unlocks the deadbolt at any time.


  • Four different strikes for inswing, outswing and double doors.


  • Overlapping strike design resists prying of door and frame, and hardplate under mounting plate deters forced entry.
  • Automatic locking deadbolt incorporates an inside release knob for rapid egress and a manual “dogging” switch.
  • Dogging switch prevents the combination from being scrambled from outside and keeps door unlocked when desired.
  • Hardened steel pins are incorporated in the locking bolt to resist cutting and sawing.
  • Equipped with a 8400 or 8500 Series Group 1 or Group 1R combination lock for a high level of security.



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