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What’s Next: Security in the Financial Industry

Banks around the world face a wide array of challenges: shifting regulatory environments, ever evolving threats, and the need to optimize security in the face of rapidly changing technology.

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Building Global ATM Solutions

As cash-in-transit businesses and ATM owners expand globally, they need an ATM lock that’s easy to deploy in any country, for a multilingual workforce, and with minimal training. After listening to our customers, S&G took action, designing a revolutionary—yet familiar—ATM solution.

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The Future of Secure Design

At Sargent and Greenleaf, we’re committed to making our locking solutions first in quality and security, but in 2019, we added a new product design process that promises to change how we think about the security products of the future.

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Tactics for Security Trade Show Success

Five Reasons to Attend a Security Trade Show (Beyond Keychains and Chit-Chat)

In years past, trade shows were critical ways to network and learn about industry developments. Older professionals still use trade shows for networking and getting hands-on exposure to the latest products. But younger workers increasingly avoid trade shows, generally citing lack of value.

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Bluetooth security? It depends.

Everyone loves the concept of the smart home. Use your phone to adjust the thermostat and turn on your lights. Use voice commands to add to your grocery list. If it makes life easier, why not? That’s modern convenience for you.

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Using Design to Reduce Vulnerability

No matter what you protect—facilities, safes, vaults, ATMs—if you’re like most people, you’re concerned about the increasingly sophisticated security threats you see in the news. In addition to physical attacks, today’s security products must withstand hacking and virtual compromise.

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Let's Talk About Making ATMs More Secure

We’ve all read the news: in our increasingly digital, electronic world, it seems like every day brings a new breach, threat, or vulnerability. As consumers and businesses trade off between security and convenience, it’s easy to lose sight of what we can do to minimize or eliminate risks.

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Securing the Future with Network Connected Locks

Over the past several years, we’ve seen a proliferation of products leveraging smart technologies into business solutions. Some of us have had our reservations. High-profile data breaches, network failures, and privacy concerns rightfully temper our enthusiasm for the latest and greatest technological advances.

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Digital Hood Defense

Digital Hood Defense Extends Vault Security to Hood Access Control
As ATM security went digital, the computer interfaces that added convenience to 24/7 banking left many machines vulnerable. Attackers, who could never physically disarm an ATM vault lock, use jackpotting techniques—gaining access to the ATM by hacking the computer portal of the machine—to bypass ATM security entirely.

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Reduce Downtime for Remote Access Safe Locks

When you’re running a business, you can’t afford for your security solutions to be offline. Remote access safe locks are no exception. To protect your assets and manage complex operations, reducing maintenance requirements and downtime are critical. Here are a few tips for keeping your remote access safe locks online and running smoothly.

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