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Digital Hood Defense

Digital Hood Defense Extends Vault Security to Hood Access Control
As ATM security went digital, the computer interfaces that added convenience to 24/7 banking left many machines vulnerable. Attackers, who could never physically disarm an ATM vault lock, use jackpotting techniques—gaining access to the ATM by hacking the computer portal of the machine—to bypass ATM security entirely.

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Reduce Downtime for Remote Access Safe Locks

When you’re running a business, you can’t afford for your security solutions to be offline. Remote access safe locks are no exception. To protect your assets and manage complex operations, reducing maintenance requirements and downtime are critical. Here are a few tips for keeping your remote access safe locks online and running smoothly.

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How to Make a Wi-Fi Safe Lock More Secure

If you’re looking into networked safe locks, you may have heard that you need a peripheral network hub (with a significant added cost, added installation time, and added maintenance) to ensure the lock’s security.

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How to Find the Most Cost-Effective Networked Safe Lock

Franchises and organizations of all sizes need to find scalable, affordable remote access control solutions. But how do you go about finding the most secure, most cost-effective networked safe lock? Beyond the base cost of each unit, several other factors contribute to the overall picture, both initially and in terms of ongoing maintenance. As you look for the best solution, here are a few points to consider.