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A Solid Reputation within the Financial Industry

This leadership in protection dates back to the 1800s when James Sargent invented Sargent's Magnetic Bank Lock, the first key-changeable combination lock. This truly novel invention was quickly followed by another: the first time lock to be installed on bank vault doors. Following this same innovative and visionary approach, S&G continues to bring state-of-the-art products to the banking industry. We offer a wide range of high-security locking solutions, including vault and safe deposit box locks, ATMs and under-counter protection for tellers.

ATM Locks


The A-Series is superior global solution for ATM access control. It combines state-of-the-art access control software with S&G's lock technology to provide ATM manufacturers, banks and armored car companies with streamlined, simplified and highly secure ATM management.


Vault Door Locks

6400 Series

S&G mechanical vault locks have been the standard vault lock models for over fifty years. Built specifically for vault doors, these four-wheel locks provide up to 100,000,000 possible combinations. They provide the high level of security needed for a variety of environments. 


Time Locks

Model 6370

The Model 6370 is designed for vault doors. This three-movement lock offers double-redundancy for dependability and accuracy. All movements are precision 13-jewel, Swiss mechanisms.




Safe Deposit Locks

4200/4400 Series

The basic design of these locks has been in S&G's lineup since the mid-1920s. These UL listed, dual nose, dual key operation locks have separate keyways for renter and guard keys. The 4200 and 4440 Series represent the industry standard trusted by financial institutions for over 90 years.


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